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French Touch Seeds

French Touch Seeds



Since 2010, we have created a collective of breeders with a simple objective: the preservation of rare elite clones especially those coming from France but also of any interesting variety that would cross our path! Due to the legislated status in France, our company is currently based in Spain without affecting our French Touch! Our Philosophy French touch seeds advocates recycling, simplicity... The cultivation of a healthy and simple seed to cultivate without dispersing itself and focusing on the very demanding work that our passion for Breeding demands... The current market swears by feminized seeds and we have been forced to meet this growing demand but we direct seasoned growers towards regular seeds and the conservation of their favorite strains, passions and practices widespread among our compatriots ... French touch seeds: A French seed bank! We are particularly sensitive to the conservation of old varieties and will also add landraces from different corners of the globe starting with two varieties from Reunion already available: K1 and Mangu'Carot. We operate as a Collective of passionate breeders and are always open to new ideas and suggestions that you may submit to us. Translated with (free version)

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