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Thank you for your interest and welcome to NorCal Seeds and Genetics or NSG for short. With over 35 years of experience and expertise, NSG is a leader in the field of modern cannabis breeding. NSG uses its own advanced research data and specially developed procedures to create the seeds of the future. NSG is a privately owned Northern California based consulting company specializing in bringing commercial grade cannabis seed, hemp seed and genetic IP to the world market. NSG curates one of the largest cannabis seed and pollen banks in the world. NSG works with large commercial growers and craft cultivators to develop new cannabis and hemp strains specifically designed by clients to meet their needs for commercial and patented usage. NSG plans to offer top quality; stabilized seed stock, pollen, genetic material, clones and plants for sale and licensing when cannabis becomes legal by federal law. We believe Genetics and Breeding are the keys to the future of cannabis and hemp cultivation on a commercial level and that there is nothing more important or as valuable as the reproduction of genetic material and the IP it creates. CLIENT SERVICES: What ever your needs may be; a larger yield, a specific color or a trait bred into or taken out, NSG can do it. Specific needs like percentages of sugars, lipids, waxes or terpene percentages NSG can do it. There are many seed companies for you to choose from these days, so we truly appreciate your interest in what we can do for you. Whether you are looking for something old school like Skunk weed or wanting to create your “own” strain, NorCal Seeds and Genetics is here to help you grow. You will be happy to know that whether you choose from one of our heirloom strains or one that we design for you; NorCal Seeds and Genetics rigorously tests for contaminates, pathogens, recessive DNA and RNA traits and provides real time data on percentages of 44 different terpenes and 22 cannabinoid profiles. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? NSG is the only cannabis company that can produce and bring to market a stable strain for a client that is 100% designed by the clients for their specific needs. The end result is a desired cultivar chemotype expressing every trait the client was looking for when they can not find what they need from an open source method. Ninety percent of NSG entire genetic material has never been in the public domain and is not open source genetics.

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