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Reserva Privada

Reserva Privada



Although the use of medical marijuana in the State of California is legal, many of the breeders who belong to the Reserva Privada team prefer to remain anonymous so that they feel free to keep on creating top-notch seeds that are sure to wonder every single person in the world of cannabis. Most Reserva Privada cannabis seeds are native from the west coast of the United States and, given their limited production runs, people rushes to get one of these precious jewels. Within its catalogue we can find many feminised and regular marijuana seeds, the most significant of which are Kosher Kush, Strawberry Banana, Kandy Kush or Confidential Cheese. Reserva Privada is synonymous with exclusivity, originality, and innovation. However, this can also be seen as a drawback because, from time to time, it is difficult to obtain some of its unique strains. That is why our website puts at your disposal the so longed for genetics created by Reserva Privada. They are sure to surpass any expectations you may have.


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