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Red Sapphire Ltd. Edition

Ace Seeds

Red Sapphire Ltd. Edition



Red Sapphire Ltd. Edition

Ace Seeds

13 - 17%


Mostly Sativa


63 days


Red Sapphire is a colourful, limited edition poly-hybrid strain which is 65% sativa. It was bred by crossing Malawi/PCK #47 F1 (purple pheno) x Purple Nepal Jam (F6). This strain therefore contains genetics from Malawi, Jamaica, Nepalese and Pakistan Citral. Very resistant strain which handles heat, cold, damp, moulds and pests really well.

Red Sapphire is a medium-sized plant and has incredibly sturdy stems and side-branches. Its inter-nodes have a medium-spacing and this allows excellent light penetration right into the plant's centre so that all bud sites receive plenty of exposure. Such is this strain's strength that it can easily withstand rain and wind when cultivated.

This is a very uniform strain with the biggest variation being in the colouration - about 75% of plants are red while the remaining 25% will show green, purple and even some yellow.

Sativa flowering takes 9 weeks and yields are very good. Outdoors harvest time in the northern hemisphere is during the first half of October and it grows well up to latitude 45°. It does very well in SoG as the main branches bear the biggest buds which tend to be dense and very resinous. Outdoors whether grown in a hot climate or a cool, damp one harvest will be a big success. Provide medium nutroients during vegetstive growth and increase this level during florescence.

The terpene profile is fruity and complex, including cherry, berry bubble gum, red wine with the red pheno and pear and apple with the green pheno. The highest concentration of terpenes are beta pinene, terpinolene and alpha pinene. All of this is supported by notes of Pakistani and Nepalese hashish.

THC levels are medium-high and range from 13 - 17% with negligible cbd.

The effect is of a comfortable, clear, cerebral high, uplifting with a degree of euphoria. This evolves into an active and creative phase that is quite without any Kush or paranoia. Although eventually relaxing it is never couch-lock in quality. It is a great day-time smoke!

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